How to Register as a CareTeam member.

To view a quick tutorial video on how to register as a CareTeam member, click here.


To become a DocbookMD CareTeam member, you must accept an invitation from your physician. They are able to send you a text message or email invitation.

Open the email or text message from your physician and click Proceed to Registration.


The CareTeam registration window will open.

If you’ve never joined a CareTeam, choose I am new to DocbookMD.


It should be noted that if you're already a member of one CareTeam, you can also join another, by choosing I have already registered for a DocbookMD account. You can also join another CareTeam within the app itself, which we'll cover later in this article.

The Email and name fields should be auto-populated. Please ensure that each field is accurate and reflects what is shown on your driver's license or state ID. 


Enter the number of the mobile phone you want associated with your DocbookMD profile. This can be any mobile number. It does not have to be the number of the device you're using.

If you don't want your mobile number displayed on your profile, simply uncheck the box. You can always edit this option later.

Tap the next button when you are ready to proceed. 

Enter the requested information on the Career Information screen, and then tap the next button.


Enter the information about your practice, and then tap the next button again.


Here, you have the option to select a picture for your profile. 


  • To upload a photo, tap Choose File. 
  • Browse to and select the desired image. It’s best to choose a self image where your face is clearly visible. After choosing your picture, click next.

On the Business Associate Agreement screen, please read the agreement, enter your full legal name, and then choose next.


You should now be given the option to create a password. Be sure to choose a password that’s at least 8 digits long, which includes at least one number and one upper case letter.


On the next line, type the same password to confirm it, and then choose next.

Enter the requested personal information to verify your identity, and then choose next.  


You’ll then be presented with some security questions, which you will have five minutes to complete.

It should be noted that DocbookMD is unable to see your questions and answers. These questions are generated by a third party vendor, based on your credit history. Accurate answers are required to verify your identity, ensuring that only authorized individuals are provided access to DocbookMD’s secure messaging system.

If you answer the verification questions successfully, you will then see a screen that allows you to download the DocbookMD app.


Once you download the app, please choose I Already Have an Account and then enter the email address and password that you chose during registration.


The app will then download the physicians list. This may take a few minutes. 


You should now be able to exchange HIPAA compliant messages with your colleagues.

This portion of the tutorial covers how to join an additional CareTeam, within the DocbookMD app

Begin by navigating to the CareTeam screen.

Tap the menu icon in the upper left corner, and choose CareTeam from the menu.


If you need help using the menu, please view the tutorial titled “How to Use the Menu”.

The My CareTeam screen displays your pending invitations, invitations you have declined, and other team members. 


Click the checkmark to accept an invitation or the X to decline. 

To clear declined invitations, tap the X.

After you accept an invitation your name should appear in that CareTeam member list, and your sponsoring physician will now display in the Physician section.

During CareTeam registration, you should never be asked for your medical society number. The medical society number is only asked for during physician registration. If you are trying to register as a CareTeam member, please visit the invitation email or text message from your physician and choose Proceed to Registration.

If you are unable to answer your security questions properly, please contact DocBookMD support at 1 (888) 930-2048. 

You can also send us an email.

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