I'm trying to register, but the app says it can't verify me.

DocbookMD is a Secure Messaging App, and our security questions are in place to confirm your identity. Directly after the security questions, you will be required to sign a real HIPAA BAA, so it's important that we confirm your identity first. DocbookMD has no control over the security questions and answers and we're unable to see what is presented to you. The questions and answers are created by a third party who pulls the information from public records, and your credit history. If you do not have a lot of credit history, the questions may reach far back into your past.

For example - The question may ask you about a previous address, or someone that is related to you.


When registering, you may receive a message that our security system cannot verify your identity. This can be caused by one of the following -

1. You may have entered the last four digits of your social security number incorrectly.

2. You may have entered the incorrect zip code that they have on record for you. Please try to enter the zip code shown on your state ID or drivers license.

3. You were unable to successfully answer the security questions.


If this is your first attempt registering, you should be able to try to register one more time before you are locked out. If you are denied access, please contact DocbookMD support at support@docbookmd.com

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