What makes DocbookMD HIPAA-secure?

DocbookMD ensures that all standards for HIPAA and HITECH security are followed. We enable physicians to be HIPAA-compliant while communicating with other doctors, and their care team, through our messaging app.

All messages are sent and stored on our servers using high-grade encryption. Also, messages are not stored in the permanent memory of your device, so if your phone is ever lost or stolen, simply notify us, and we will deactivate your account so your patient messages remain confidential.

Additionally, all physicians using DocbookMD messaging are required to sign a HIPAA business associates agreement (BAA), outlining our data protection and the responsibilities of all parties to keep patient information confidential.

Each physician and CareTeam member that joins DocbookMD must sign a HIPAA BAA.

To read more about how DocbookMD is HIPAA compliant, please visit our website's HIPAA section here.

To make your DocbookMD the most secure it can be, follow these instructions.

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